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KOLLER offers a diverse range of products that includes the large-scale ice cube machine, large-scale ice block machine, tube ice machine, direct evaporated ice block machine, flake ice machine, plate ice machine, walk-in freezer, and much more. We are widely recognized for having one of the most complete product lineups in the Chinese industry for ice making equipment.

Large-Scale Ice Cube Machine
The fully automated large-scale ice cube machine features high output capacity and optimized energy consumption. It is both safe and sanitary. The device features 3 instances of advanced automation technology which includes the auto-calibration of ice cube thickness, auto water replenishment, as well as auto ice formation and defrosting. Our refrigeration system utilizes hot gas circulation and flat-wall heat exchange for the effective defrosting of ice.

A screw conveyor allows the ice cube machine to package processed ice into plastic bags.
Large-Scale Ice Block Machine
The large-scale ice block machine comes with a split design to separate the brine water tank and the refrigeration unit. This enables convenient operation and maintenance. The machine can operate in accordance with customer requirements to produce ice blocks in the range of 5 and 100kg.
Flake Ice Machine
The flake ice machine produces smooth and dry ice without sharp edges. It is the perfect medium for safe cooling and storage.
The onboard cooling and ice-making systems are automated via microcomputer control. The evaporator of the ice-making unit comes with a fixed and stationary design. A spiraled ice scraper effectively eliminates excess ice on the machine interior for reduced friction. This process enables the yield of ice with great uniformity.

Tube Ice Machine
The tube ice machine is capable of forming cylindrical tube ice with hollow midsections. The user may finely calibrate the length as well as inner and outer diameters of the fabricated ice. Aside from keeping foods and veggies fresh, the tube ice is also ideal for purposes such as chemical processing and civil engineering. This compactly designed device is assembled with a sturdy mainframe structure that is crafted entirely from stainless steel 304.

Direct Evaporated Ice Block Making Machine
The direct evaporated ice block machine is able to maintain smooth operations with a PLC process control system. We have crafted the machine’s mainframe from stainless steel 304 and its ice moulds from aluminum plates. This configuration can yield pure ice blocks for direct use and human consumption.

About Production
KOLLER is always looking to improve on product quality and service integrity. Our equipment is meticulously assembled with premium components, all of which have been procured from internationally recognized sources. As a responsible enterprise, we operate in strict conformance with the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

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